Beginnerscursus Kiten


We give kitesurf lessons according Iko / wsvb and Watersportverbond system.
The focus in the kite lesson is on learning by doing, feel, see and talk about. So we know what we are talking about. Because we have felt and seen it.
The pace of the kitesurfing lessons tailored to the level of the students. In a lesson you will be challenged to go a step further. We will teach you step by step the skills necessary for kitesurfing. Our goal is to bring you further from your true self and secure.
Our instructors: Enthusiasm, skill, commitment, knowledge and people. Our instructors are certified: iko / KNWV. They will do everything to hurt you to learn. Kitesurfing in a safe and secure also a fun way of learning.

Comments from some students

Kite boarding is as safe as any other sport. The Kite School shall, in all that you learn kiteboarding. In the safest way Thus, the kite school two quality labels of VWDS and Sailing Federation. So we do everything to give you. Smooth introduction The kite school is in no way responsible for any damage or injury of any kind whatsoever, participation in classes is in all respects at your own risk.

Our team

Rob Besselink
Rob BesselinkTeamleader
Team leader of the Kite School. Iko level 2 kite instructor VDWS and KNWV level 4 kitesurf instructor.