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Let the adrenaline flow through fixed but give this super cute gift
Please enter your own amount or give a full course. A gift certificate you can already order from € 20.

Gift Certificate beginners course

3 hours of pure kiting and kitesurfing principles taught for only € 95. Of these beginners kite surfing course made ​​the most use.


The start of three days of intensive kitesurfing lessons that will change life. Cost: € 265.

Something for you?

The base with two students and one instructor 3 hours under way with the practice of Kitesurfing. P.p. only to books. Costs of the lesson € 95 Like the course of a three-day here you can make.
With two students and one instructor 3 × 3 hour lesson. The goal is that you can also practice independently and safely the first meters dangers can sail. Cost € 265 p.p.
This can be in game shape as teambuilding or it could be in the form of a contest a fight.
The most intensive kite course. With two people you get 4 hours of lessons. From beginners to advanced. This is the exclusive version of the beginners course. cost € 125 p.p. form three-day € 340 p.p.
The custum made ​​lesson for you. We apply the lesson fully, wishes to you. Cost € 140
You can safely sail independently with the kite in progress and your first steps? But if you want more lesson to learn quickly then this lesson for you. Single lesson costs € 90 pp three class card € 244 pp.

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Our team

Rob Besselink
Rob BesselinkTeam leader & Instructor
Team leader of the Kite School. Iko level 2 kite instructor VDWS and KNWV level 4 kitesurf instructor.
Willem van Wijngaarden
Willem van WijngaardenIKO Instructor
Iko instructor extensive experience also abroad.
Michiel van Geel
Michiel van GeelIKO Instructor
Iko instructor. For years day with the kites in the weather.