For over eight years the specialist kitesurfles

The kite school is the only school that VDWS and Sailing Federation is recognized. Our kitesurf school is practice-oriented, the theory is treated with the kite in the air. We help you to your new passion. Locations f.a. Katwijk and Zandvoort

De Kiteschool


Just done athree days course at THE kite school. Through a very enthusiastic colleague Rob .Had lots of fun and learned an incredible amount and with the skillful and enthusiastic instructors. Now buy my own kite and board and then move on. I have to address it. Kitesurf virus See you on the beach! Ivo
Just happened had my last lesson. Totally top! Never thought I could staan. Had good instructors, many tips and tricks on the board as quickly and really helped me to learn kiting. This has been really worth it. ‘m Totally happy. good deal Marnix
Recently followed two classes, a beginnerscourse and private lessons. I’ve really had any lessons to particular sense, a very relaxed atmosphere. The instructors were also very good, I learned a lot. You can always go, I never had to wait (sometimes only for the wind) Now buy yourself stuff quickly and the water! Kite School thanks! !

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